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When it comes to the passing of yet more famous names on the soul music scene, April has lived up to its proverbial claim to be ‘the cruelest month’, as four more stars departed this mortal coil over its 30-day duration.

Producer and Grammy Award-winning songwriter (‘Patches’), Ronald Dunbar died while at a doctor’s office close to his home in Fresno, CA, on April 3, 2018, aged 78.  Cause of death is currently unreported.  Dunbar started his musical career at Motown, working closely with brothers, Eddie and Brian Holland and, when they left Motown to start up their own Invictus/Hot Wax Records, he went with them.  An obituary appeared in the New York Times and can be found at

Yvonne Staples, second sister of the Staple Singers who replaced brother, Pervis at the time of his draft to serve Uncle Sam, to provide the baritone voice for the family group died on April 10, 2018, at her family home in Chicago in the care of siblings Mavis and Pervis.  She was 80 and had been suffering with colon cancer.  Among the many obituaries, one from ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine can be found at   

Controllers’ founder member and lead singer, Reginald McArthur passed in his sleep at his home in Bessemer, AL on April 19, 2018.  He was 63.  Alongside his brother, Larry McArthur and cousins, Leonard Brown and Ricky Lewis, the Controllers, whose post-gospel formation first found them as secular group, the Soul Controllers, simplified their name to Controllers on leaving High School and signed with Frederick Knight’s Juana Records in 1975.  They subsequently recorded for MCA, Capitol and Malaco. 

Charles Neville, New Orleans-born sax-playing member of family band, the Neville Brothers, died at his home in Huntingdon, MA on April 26, 2018.  He was 79 and had announced in January this year that he was battling pancreatic cancer.  A full obituary appeared in the New York Times and can be found at


Former Contours member and Temptations’ lead singer, Dennis Edward, later a successful solo artist, has passed surrounded by certain controversial rumours.  His death, which occurred at Mercy Hospital, Chicago on February 1, 2018 came just two days short of his 75th birthday.  Initial reports merely stated he had been in Chicago for rehabilitation and had been ill for several months following a stroke suffered in St. Louis last year.  (  However, his wife, Brenda Edwards, who had been responsible for moving him from St. Louis to a luxury apartment in Chicago, reported his death was due to complications from meningitis.  An autopsy was subsequently carried out leading to investigations by the Chicago police and it has transpired that an emergency protection order had been filed in January by the Health Care Consortium of Illinois alleging neglect and abuse at the hands of the singer’s wife, who has denied such allegations.  (  A memorial service for Dennis Edwards was held on February 11, at Faith Miracle Temple in St. Louis, attended by Temptations’ members, Otis Williams, Ron Tyson and Theo Peoples.  A further service was held at the Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit on February 17 and members of the Contours, the Miracles and the Velvelettes were among the attendees.  (  Police investigations continue at the time of this post.