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CD Review

TIMI YURO  -  The Lost 60s Recordings

Jasmine (UK) JASCD 1005

That’s Amore; I Still Love You; Up Above My Head; You Can’t Get Away From Me; Satan Never Sleeps; Talkin’ About Hurt; I Walk The Line; Big Mistake; Spoil Me; Once A Day; Baby; Daddy; Don’t Keep Me Lonely Too Long; You Took My Happy Away; Turn The World Around The Other Way; I Found You; You Never Really Loved Me; There’s A Kind Of Hush – Sunny (Medley); Interlude; I Apologise

For die-hard Timi Yuro fans musing at some of the titles above and possibly questioning the word ‘Lost’, much is explained in Mike Iannarelli’s liner notes, thus: “This collection features unreleased songs from both [Timi’s] Liberty and Mercury days, as well as a few Mercury singles appearing for the first time on cd.”  Perhaps it would have been better had Mike replaced the word ‘songs’ with ‘versions’ in certain instances but, no matter, a Timi Yuro track is a Timi Yuro track and, personally, I’ll take it any way I can get it.  Thus, this is where completists can have a ball, including two unreleased sides from the four duets recorded with the reportedly ‘washed up by then’ Johnnie Ray, viz a spirited treatment of the gospeller, ‘Up Above My Head’ and a pop-weighted, upbeat ‘You Can’t Get Away From Me’.  A further duet features an uncredited male voice on another pop number, ‘I Still Love You‘ which ends in rather ragged fashion and was sensibly canned by Liberty but it’s on those songs where Timi really gets to outpour her special brand of soul that she really comes into her own...  Country items such as Johnny Cash’s ‘I Walk The Line’, Bill Anderson’s ‘Once A Day’, Melba Montgomery’s ‘Don’t Keep Me Lonely Too Long‘ and Ben Peters‘ ‘Turn The World Around The Other Way‘ are naturally superb, as is ‘You Took My Happy Away‘, penned by Willie Nelson, who would become a long-term friend of the lady and which she would record again in 1982 on an entire album of Nelson’s songs, where the preliminary work was undertaken at Nelson’s ranch.  A curio comes by way of ‘You Never Really Loved Me’, a self-penned song taken as a demo from Timi’s personal acetate.  It’s the only track not taken from a studio session but it’s a strong midtempo beat-ballad number which clearly deserved to have been heard and the cd closes with two ‘specials‘ in the shape of the Italian language version of the beautiful theme to the film, ‘Interlude‘ and a return to her hit song, ‘I Apologise’, from the ‘Live At PJ’s‘ project - the planned 1969 abum had to wait until 2000 for a release (by the UK RPM label) but, even then, that song never made it to the final listing.

review posted 18/8/18