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Our ‘Reviews’ page(s) are now revised to feature only full-length reviews of new recordings and archive material which are considered editorially to be ‘required listening’, falling either into the old ‘star-pick’ or ‘near as dammit’ category or of a highly recommended/listen-and-decide-for-yourself nature. 

A secondary list of other notified releases will hopefully keep information up-to-date regarding other releases in the soul and soulful genre.  (N.B. ‘notified’ means items advised to the Soul Basement by record companies.  No advice = no listing.)

Reviews and releases follow a latest to oldest order and full-length reviews will remain on display for at least a six-month period.  To connect to the appropriate review page, just click anywhere on the artist/title.  (NR or AM means New Recordings or Archive Material respectively.)

This section will also include books - required reading - and reports of gigs such as the Porretta Soul Festivals and Ponderosa Stomps.


TOMMY HUNT  -  The Complete Man  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDKEND 480 (cd)     (AM, posted 20/3/19)

UNDISPUTED TRUTH  -  Cosmic Truth + Higher Than High  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDTOP2 483 (2cd)     (AM, posted 16/3/19)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  This Is Lowrider Soul 1962-1970  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDKEND 482 (cd)     (AM, posted 26/2/19)

REGINA BELLE  -  Show Me The Way : The Columbia Anthology  -  Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5181D (2cd)     (AM, posted 15/2/19)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Fame Northern Soul  -  Kent Dance (UK) CDKEND 475 (cd)     (AM, posted 7/2/19)

CHARLIE FAYE & the FAYETTES  -  The Whole Shebang  -  Bigger Better More (US) BBM 2008 (cd)     (NR, posted 2/2/19)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  The Complete Anna Records Singles, Vol.1  -  Hallmark (UK) 717492 (cd)     (AM, posted 19/12/18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  The Complete Anna Records Singles, Vol.2  -  Hallmark (UK) 717502 (cd)     (AM, posted 19/12/18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  She’s A Doll! : Warner Bros‘ Feminine Side  -  Ace (UK) CDTOP 1532 (cd)     (AM, posted 28/11/18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Cover Me : The Eddie Hinton Songbook  -  Ace (UK) CDTOP 1535 (cd)     (AM, posted 8/11/18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  The Rhythm, The Blues, The Soul Of New Orleans 1962-1966  -  History Of Soul (UK) RANDB 052 (4cd)     (AM, posted 7/11/18)

STAPLE SINGERS  -  For What It’s Worth : The Complete Epic Recordings 1964-1968  - 

                    Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5175BX (3cd box)     (AM, posted 23/10/18)

CARRIE LUCAS  -  Dance With You : The Solar And Constellation Albums  -  Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5174BX (3cd box)     (AM, posted 20/10/18)

THELMA HOUSTON  -  The Devil In Me + Ready To Roll + Ride To The Rainbow + Reachin’ All Around  - 

                    Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5176D (2cd)     (AM, posted 16/10/18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS   -  Jack Ashford Just Productions, Vol.2 -  Kent Soul (UK) CDKEND 478 (cd)     (AM, posted 27/9/18) 

SPINNERS  -  While The City Sleeps  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDTOP 481 (cd)     (AM, posted 27/9/18)

WILLIE HIGHTOWER  -  Out Of The Blue  -  Ace/Soultrax (UK) CDCHD 1520/CHD 1520 (cd/lp)     (NR, posted 11/9/18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  The Sound Of Philadelphia, Vol.1  -  Society Hill/Essential Media (US) 942326816-2 (cd)     (NR/AM, posted 31/8/18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  The Sound Of Philadelphia, Vol.2  -  Society Hill/Essential Media (US) 942326842-2 (cd)     (NR/AM, posted 31/8/18)

BARBARA INGRAM  -  Philadelphia Sweetheart  -  Society Hill/Essential Media (US) 942326772-2 (cd)     (AM, posted 28/8/18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Jazzy Ladies Of Society Hill Records  -  Society Hill/Essential Media (US) 942326792-2 (cd)     (AM, posted 28/8/18)


VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Where The Girls Are, Vol.10  -  Ace (UK) CDCHD 1511 (cd)     (AM)

CHARLES EARLAND  -  Coming To You Live + Earland’s Jam + Earland’s Street Themes  -  Robinsongs (UK) ROBIN 38CDD (2cd)     (AM)

GLADYS KNIGHT & the PIPS  -  On And On : The Buddah/Columbia Anthology  -  Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5180D (2cd)     (AM)

C.J. & CO.  -  Ain’t It Amazing : The Unreleased Westbound Masters  -  Westbound (UK) CDSEWD 165 (cd)     (AM)

MAXINE BROWN  -  The Best Of The Wand Years  -  Kent (UK) 514 (lp)     (AM)

TOWER OF POWER  -  You Ought To Be Havin‘ Fun : The Columbia/Epic Anthology  - Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5179D (2cd)     (AM)

DAVE KELLER  -  Every Soul’s A Star  -  Catfood (US) CFR 026 (cd)     (NR)

SANDY CARROLL  -  Blues & Angels  -  Catfood (US) CFR 027 (cd)     (NR)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Northern Soul’s Classiest Rarities  -  Kent Dance (UK) KENT 515 (lp)     (AM)

MARY LOVE  -  Lay This Burden Down  -  Kent Soul (UK) 512 (lp)     (AM)


SPINNING AROUND : THE HISTORY OF THE SOUL LP, VOL.2 - L-Z  -  by John Lias     (posted 5/6/18)

FLORIDA SOUL  -  by John Capouya     (posted 4/10/17)

MOTOWN : THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA  -  by Adam White with Barney Ales     (posted 1/4/17)

SPINNING AROUND : THE HISTORY OF THE SOUL LP, VOL.1 - A-K  -  by John Lias     (posted 1/4/16)


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