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This section includes gig reports - listed after cds, books and dvds below.


PATTI LABELLE  -  Bel Hommage     (posted 17/6/17)

DON BRYANT  -  Don’t Give Up On Love     *****STAR PICK     (posted 12/6/17)

LATIMORE  -  A Taste Of Me : Great American Songs     (posted 12/6/17)

SOUL BASEMENT  -  What We Leave Behind     (posted 6/6/17)

PEOPLE’S CHOICE  -  Jammin’ Philly Style     (posted 24/5/17)

VANESSA FARLEY  -  One Last Memory     (posted 24/5/17)


ENCHANTMENT - Sunshine : The Enchantment Anthology (1975-1984)     (posted 12/8/17)

PEOPLE’S CHOICE  -  Any Way You Wanna : The People’s Choice Anthology 1971-1981     (posted 12/8/17)

ESTHER PHILLIPS  -  A Beautiful Friendship : The Kudu Anthology 1971-1976     (posted 5/8/17)

ADAM WADE  -  The Album Collection 1960-1962     (re-posted 31/7/17)

ADAM WADE  -  Take Good Care Of Her : The Singles Collection 1960-1962     (posted 31/7/17)

ARTHUR ALEXANDER  -  Arthur Alexander     *****STAR PICK     (posted 12/7/17)

ANGELA BOFILL  -  I Try : The Anthology 1978-1993     (posted 5/7/17)

LABELLE  -  The Anthology     (posted 5/7/17)

JUNIE  -  The Complete Westbound Recordings 1973-76     (posted 29/6/17)

H.B. BARNUM  -  Everybody Loves The Voice Of... H.B. Barnum     (posted 17/6/17)

KASHIF  -  Help Yourself To My Love : The Arista Anthology     (posted 2/6/17)

MTUME  -  Prime Time : The Epic Anthology     (posted 2/6/17)

SPYDER TURNER  -  Is It Love You’re After : The Whitfield Records Years (1978-1980)     (posted 2/6/17)

INGRAM  -  Jazzed Up & Funked Out : 50 Years Of Good Music     (posted 24/5/17)

BOBBY HATFIELD  -  The Other Brother : A Solo Anthology 1965-1970     *****STAR PICK     (posted 22/5/17)

FREDDIE NORTH  -  What Are You Doing To Me : The Complete A-Bet Recordings Plus     *****STAR PICK     (posted 22/5/17)

B.T. EXPRESS  -  The B.T. Express Anthology : Give Up The Funk (1974-1982)     (posted 6/5/17)

MAJOR LANCE  -  Ain’t No Soul (In These Old Shoes) : The Complete OKeh Recordings 1963-1967     (posted 21/4/17)


Nothing But A House Party : The Birth Of The Philly Sound 1967-71     (posted 29/6/17)

Bob Holmes’ Nashville Soul     *****STAR PICK     (posted 23/5/17)

Birth Of Soul : Special Detroit Edition 1961-64     (posted 15/4/17)

More From The Other Side Of The Trax : Stax-Volt 45rpm Rarities 1960-1968     (posted 15/4/17)


MOTOWN : THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA  -  by Adam White with Barney Ales     (posted 1/4/17)

RHYTHM AND BLUES IN NEW ORLEANS - REVISED  AND UPDATED  -  by John Broven     (posted 28/2/17)

SPINNING AROUND : THE HISTORY OF THE SOUL LP, VOL.1 - A-K  -  by John Lias     (posted 1/4/16)


PORRETTA SOUL FESTIVAL, 2016     (report will remain on site until next year’s event)

PONDEROSA STOMP, 2015     (report will remain on site until next event)